Institute of Biodiversity And Environmental Conservation

The Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation (IBEC) was set up in July 1994 as one of the founding institutions within UNIMAS with the purpose of promoting research in two niche areas: Tropical Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation. Its teaching and research program are structured at the masters, doctoral and postdoctoral levels. Research and teaching program in IBEC have been established upon the following two concepts:

1. The acquisition of knowledge concerning the significance and modes of sustainable development of natural resources is of paramount importance to Malaysia's future development. Development initiatives will be self-defeating and socially destructive unless the structure, functions and diversity of the nations' natural system are understood and judiciously protected.

2. For Malaysia to forge ahead as a developed nation, the country's industries must seek to manage sustainable resource, because biodiversity and environmental conservation provide greater options and significant opportunities for diversification of industrial activities and economic development.

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Since 1997, the Research Institute has grown bigger in human resources. As of now, there are eight academicians & researchers, with six supporting staffs to strengthen the Institute's core business and services. Without these people, the Institute could not achieve what you see today.

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Life in Research Institute

Located in Kota Samarahan, within Faculty of Resource Science and Technology (FRST), our postgraduates and visiting students are able to enjoy the nature surrounding the campus and its facilities.

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Partners & Collaborations

As the Research Institute in an public University, we view linkages with industries, agencies and ministries as vital to pursue our vision and mission.

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Boasting an impressive network of international and domestic postgraduate students, we are able to keep our research relevant and up to date.

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Equipped with two laboratories with a wide-range of instruments and equipment, lecturers and students are able to book our facilities for their research usage, pending availability.


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Community & Industry Engagement IBEC

We are committed in helping others in need. Our team consists of Academicians, Researchers and sometimes Students.

The focus is to initiate contemporary research that will enhance understanding of the processes of change. Where possible IBEC will do so in conjunction with other organizations, and with scholars, both from within and outside Sarawak.

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Throughout the years IBEC has penned MoU/MoA with various collaborators to enhance research and as a catalyst for a long-term linkage.

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