Why Join IBEC?

Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation offers graduate degrees of Masters and PhD levels based on research projects undertaken with the supervision of IBEC researchers or joint supervision between IBEC and other internal or external scientist.

You can also apply for our Post-Doctoral Scheme which started with the aims to enhance the university’s level of achievement in research and to establish research clusters through appointment of Post-Doctoral researchers in order to meet the aim towards excellence in research.







Research Assistant

Research Assistant

Research Assistant

How to Apply?

Candidates interested in these programs must be self-motivated and proactive as they will be largely responsible for their own learning. In cases where previous experience does not fully meet the requirements for the chosen field, supplemental coursework will be a requirement for program completion.

Know what you want

Have an idea you want to pursue as part of your graduate studies? Talk to our researchers to hone your ideas.

Entry requirements

Check if you meet the minimum requirement of UNIMAS' postgraduate program.


IBEC do not offer funding or scholarships for potential students. Please make sure you are able to support yourself and your research before making prior arrangements to apply as a student.

How to apply?

Application are accepted online through the Centre of Graduate Studies' website.

Research Proposal

Provide clear and concise research proposal to help us assess your candidacy for a research degree and pinpoint whether we can offer supervision.

That's it!

Track your application through the Applicant Hub and keep your fingers crossed!.

Hear What They Say

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Throughout the years IBEC has produced brilliant and passionate scientists who are currently excelling in their field.